The Films of Long Pork

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These are the projects that cannot fit onstage. No matter how hard we try. ENJOY!

The Gentlemen of Long Pork present an 80’s style horror trailer about, you guessed it, Vampires.


Long Pork lampoons classic cooking shows and everybody’s favorite monster: The Zombie.


Lee runs into a dilemma while shopping at the Comic Vault.


The Gentlemen of Long Pork present an episode of their favorite gardening show hosted by Gordon Hillary.


Sometimes gifts come when you least expect them. And sometimes, there’s a demon that gives that gift. Just accept it.


Zombie Chef attempts to microwave popcorn. Let’s hope he follows the instructions.


Aquaman goes to McDonald’s, but things don’t go as planned.


A special St. Patty’s day recipe from Zombie Chef.


Apple Jacks! It’s not just for kids anymore.