The Robots of Long Pork

Here are some of the various people without whom Long Pork would not exist.

Max Bare
Max has a BFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has been responsible for Soda’s poster which this site is based on.
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Lana Crooks
Lana is an evil genius who plans to take over the world with frightening yet cute creations of plush art. She has as BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in illustration and is responsible for Long Pork’s costumes and the creation of our Graboid.
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Morgan Foster
Morgan is a freelance writer, playwright, screenwrighter, and musician out of Grand Rapids, MI. He also was the stage manager for Soda at the Apollo Studio.
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Seth Gorham
A founding member of Long Pork, Seth is currently on a grand adventure. We don’t know where the wind will take him, but he’ll have a hell of story someday! He attended the University of Virginia and  studied at i.O. Chicago. He has performed at The Playground Theater, The Apollo Theater Studio, and i.O. Chicago.

Rebecca Grossman
Rebecca is the props manager for the Gentleman of Long Pork. Basically she keeps all the boys in line. She is also the founder of The Chicago Ladies in Comedy (NFP) and the improv group, Valid Hysteria.
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Danny Hernandez
Danny created the soundtrack for Vampires: The Movie. Danny is a self taught composer who made a name for himself as a producer for various Hip Hop artists in the San Diego area.  Now, in Chicago, Danny makes what he calls “Honest Music,” and is continuously pushing his abilities when it comes to composing.
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John Morrison
John is responsible for PR, marketing, design and photography for Long Pork. When not working with  Long Pork, John works as a photographer, design and brand consultant for his own company Subism Studios LLC. He has a BA in Graphic Design from the Pratt Institute.
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Andrew Musch
Andrew is a random individual who says, writes and does random things for pleasure. He also likes to direct photography and edit stuff for dirty money. He did the initial edits for Vampires: The Movie.
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Mark Walkley
A founding member of Long Pork, Mark has since moved on to pursue other ventures. Mark has a BFA in Theater from the University of Mississippi, has studied at iO, and The Annoyance schools of improv, and performed on the iO Harold team Skeleton Attack.

Zack Whittington
A founding member of Long Pork, Zack studied theatre at Calhoun Community College and the University of Mississippi. He has performed at i.O. Chicago, on the Harold team Skeleton Attack, and The Apollo Theater. He currently collaborates regularly with Dave Urlakis on Awkward Spaceship, an awesome comedy channel on YouTube. Zack is also expanding his knowledge, and love, of videography & photography. He’s also a director. He’s also dreamy. So G.D. DREAMY!
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Tim Young
Tim is a brilliant and talented actor who at times has filled in for Zoran with Long Pork on their road trip to Georgia. He also has a PhD in Political Science, therefore making the rest of us feel unaccomplished.
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Other Sites We Like

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Awkward Spaceship – The brainchild of the awesome Dave Urlakis. We often get to work with him on his sketch video’s. Which are awesome.

Chicago Sketchfest – Chicago’s annual sketch comedy festival

LowCarbComedy – Zoran’s comedy videos

The Second City – An old stomping ground for many of the gentlemen