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Drink ’till you’re dead! A Zombie Pub Crawl Tale

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Before the 4th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl, presented by pH Productions,John was behind his place when a very angry squirrel leaped upon his neck. The squirrel bit into his shoulder making him become one of the living dead.

Trust us. We have pictures.

Exhibit A: Zombie John

Once turned into a zombie, John decided he needed to tell Lee about all of the great things he’d learned. Lee saw John coming his way and ran away, hysterically waving his arms above his head. Unfortunately the same squirrel from earlier was started by this and attacked Lee too. Thus causing John to have a new zombie best friend. Although you’d think Lee would be ecstatic to be a zombie, he was not impressed.

Trust us. We have pictures.

Exhibit B: Unimpressed Zombie Lee


It didn’t take long for both of them to get thirsty. So they looked for a place to call their own. They found a home with a wonderful group to hang out with, The 4th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl, presented by pH Productions, and drank Blood Punch at Mary’s Attic (they also drank a bunch at The Call, Farragut’s, Simons, etc.). Dancing & sweating, John & Lee began to become human again. It looked like the Blood Punch at Mary’s was the cure to the squirrel bite.

Lessons learned. John & Lee now avoid squirrels.

They will never avoid The Zombie Pub Crawl, presented by pH Productions.

The end.



To have your own zombie adventure, be sure to join us in the future for the 5th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl presented by pH Productions. Check it out here: pH Productions | Chicago Improv & Sketch Comedy | Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl 4!

We’re pretty sure it’ll happen again.

Pretty sure.