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Some stuff and some things to do.

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

It’s summer time pretty people!

That means there are lots of fun things to do in and about town including shows and videos!

The Gentlemen of Long Pork are keeping busy too. Aside from gearing up for Sketchfest NYC and our big road trip for it. We’re excited to announce we have a Improv show coming up next week at the Playground!

Wednesday May 26th 8pm. $10

The Playground Theater
3209 N Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657

Seeing as it’s improv it’s going to be COMPLETELY new material. This is only our second show improvising together here in Chicago so come see us!

Okay aside from that you should also check out our good friend Devin Keast in his one man show:

Devin Keast, Gentleman and Sunshineface – Friday night May 28th. This will be his closing night, it’s also $10 and also at the Playground. Devin is great, if you went to our Harold Ramis show you’ve already seen him perform and fill in for Seth. So how could you not go?

If you’re not doing anything this weekend you should check out some dramatic theater completely unassociated with Long Pork:

Sinnerman Ensemble’s Days of Late – Now playing at the Viaduct and closing this weekend. Sinnerman is a local not for profit theater company here in Chicago out of Steppenwolf, awesome people, some of which donated to help get us to NY  so go see their show!

John Morrison – (our photographer, webmaster, promoter and jack-of-all-things-not-performing-or-writing) has launched a new photo blog of his street photography for the Tribune. You should take a look: Focal Points.

Zoran – Put out a new video on! A few of us are in it (and by a few we mean everyone associated with Long Pork except Morgan and Seth.) So you should go watch that.

Actually… ya know what, since we’re such generous guys… here you go, we’ll just embed it for you. Here’s the link just in case.

Oh yeah… then there is this. But we’ll talk more about that later.

Okay pretty people, we’re done telling you what to do for now. Enjoy your summer!

More shows? Yeah, "We don't stop"…..ha ha ha…eh…….

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

HEY, I know you were hoPing for a really fun Zoran post.  Maybe even another Zack video, but no, I just have awesome news is all…

We’ll be peRforming this Monday (May 10th) at the Elbo Room (2871 N. Lincoln)!  Doin’ the funny right before us is Tiffany PuterBaugh, Drew Michael, Ken Barnard (a personal favorite of mine- CC*) and hosTing the night awaY will be Beth Stelling (she’s damn funny-CC*).  We are suPer excited to work with the Elbo Room, as they are One awesome venue and some of the nicest guys to work with…real Pushovers for comedy …seriousLy, we’ve had our way with them….. sexually

The night’s festivities start at 8:30pm, so we suggest a belated Cinco dE Mayo meal and then coming over for drinks after.  It will be a fun night of great standup and lots of new material from us.  How can you beat that?

What?: Hug City Presents: Long Pork at the Elbo Room
Where?: 2871 N. Lincoln Ave
Who?: Me, You, and Everyone We Know
How?: $7
Why?:  Ok, now your just trying to piss me off. (Lee might erase this…he loves negativity everywhere, except on his LP posts!)

BTW!!!  Can you find the secret message from Lee hidden in the post?!?  Comment the answer and you might win a prize!

CC*= Charley Carroll