Long Pork's Summer Vacation

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Hello all you long piglets,

I bet you’re all wondering what the Gentlemen of Long Pork have been up to since they shared the same stage as Tim “Ladies Man” Meadows at the TBS Just For Laughs Festival.  Well we’re taking a bit of break from performing till the fall, so we can all enjoy the sun’s slightly poisonous rays.  Rest assured we shall return when the leaves turn that pretty chocolate pudding color.  In the meantime our videotastic member, Zoran Gvojic, has created another video for his website Lowcarbcomedy.com.  This time it’s a video entry for the 2010 Eisner Spirit of Comics Award (Basically the Academy Awards of comic books). Zoran was hired to do this for the Chicago Comic Vault (1530 W. Montrose) and it’s designed to showcase the store’s layout. It features a variety of Kusper Super Heroes and a Perfect Strangers parody. Enjoy.

2010 Comic Vault Eisner Video

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