New Material!!!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

So far the most exciting thing of the Month of October, has to be our new material.  But, you say to yourself, it’s not October yet…..that’s how good this new material is.  It went into the future and secured the top spot in all of our future hearts.

Bullshit you say?  Well, you won’t say that next month.  That’s right!  The new material told us that next month your new favorite word will be spluge.

Spluge you say?  No…don’t say it yet.  Save it for October.

Rehearsal this week was a riot.  All we did was laugh and laugh and laugh…till Zack killed the kitten snuggling too hard.  Then Lee cussed  because he doesn’t own a videogame console but wants to play as Batman, Seth played NHL 2010 in protest of the feline violence, Zoran secretly beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 without Charley, Charley secretly beat Zoran’s rugs in the back yard with out Zoran knowing (C’s a clean freak), and Zack just kept performing small animal CPR and crying (Zack doesn’t really play video games).

Overall, it was a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  With Super Fudge….and Bunicula.

So, now I bet you can’t wait to hear the new material. huh?!?

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