New Video? Heck the F' Yes!

Friday, February 19th, 2010

We know….we know how dark it has been this winter and how miserable you’ve been.  If you have been in Chicago, its been especially hard.  We were just rated the 10th most miserable city in the country and if you are reading this elsewhere, then you are probably living in one of the 0ther 9 top contenders.  Probably Cleveland.  No matter what songs say, Cleveland sucks.

And for months now you have been checking this website for a little escapism.  A place to get away to.  A place where you can live amongst Vampires and Zombie Chefs, like we all dream of doing.  But recently these dreams have gone stale.  The Zombie just makes shake n’ bake for you now and you’ve now seen the elusive Vampires and they look like a stupid creature from Doctor Who.

You need something new to light your candle, wet your whistle, skin your grandmother and other such things!  Well, you are in luck!  LONG PORK HAS A NEW VIDEO!!! Yeppers  you read correctly (Unless you are dyslexic then instead read this: LONG PORK VIDEO NEW A HAS)!!!!  Great all on the same page now?!?

Check out our newest creation Greensleeves. This is the planting show everyone wishes was on thier local PBS station, because we all have planting show wishes that go year after year without being fulfilled.

So here you go!  Have fun!  And kiss your mom for us and apologize to her for that grandmother thing we said…

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