Say Sawbye, Bitches!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Hello Pretty People!

We’re having a pretty good time right now. Writing new shows. Writing new videos. Making a weeklong tribute to SAW films.

“Hold the phone! We don’t like SAW! Why are we doing this!?”, the group pondered aloud.

“We’re not doing this. I am. I like SAW,” said Zoran quietly.

And then the blog continued…

That’s right, Zoran’s own LowCarbComedy is saying a fond farewell to SAW in style with a new SAW parody film everyday starting Oct. 25th and going until SAW 3D opens. Well, I kinda spoiled the trailer a bit. The trailer gives you all that same information. HOWEVER, it does it with a hell of a lot more style and hammer clangy noises.


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