Let's Get Serious, Kendall Bruns!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Hey Pretty People!

We got to meet the very friendly, super handsome, I think we’re currently in love with, Kendall Bruns. Kendall was awesome enough to interview us for our upcoming Chicago Sketchfest 2011 show. Check it out here:

Let’s Get Serious. with Kendall Bruns

Also, we have been so busy creating our show that we have been remissed in our duties to let all you lovely people know that we HAVE A SHOW in CHICAGO SKETCHFEST 2011!! WHAT?! WHY ARE WE yelling. Okay. Back to normal.

Come out, tomorrow night to Stage 773 and see us perform at 9:30PM with the experimental GERMANS! Tickets $14. Get those here: GERMANS & LONG PORK

Can’t wait to see your pretty faces there!

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