The Shows of Long Pork

Long Pork is currently writing and rehearsing new material! More information coming soon! In the meantime, you can demand us on Eventful and follow us on Upcoming.

April 4th, 2009- May 23rd, 2009 at The Apollo Studio.

Their first show, SODA, is a hyper-reality that bleeds saturday morning cartoons, but by no means is this a show for kids. The contained mayhem includes: shock-collar improv, science inspired dances, robotic auditions, renegade cops with one track minds, and audience MadLibs. SODA is a roaring ode to fun.

Directed by
TJ Jagodowski

Produced by
Player’s Ring West

Charley Carroll, Seth Gorham, Zoran Gvojic, Lee Russell, Zack Whittington

Production Team
Lana Crooks, Rebecca Grossman, Morgan Foster, John Morrison, Zach Vicha, Mark Walkley & Elizabeth Zimmerman

Press for Soda

“Things don’t hang together in a cohesive way. Or maybe it just took me time to come around to their way of thinking. Stick with them, because the pleasures of their show, “Soda,” are many. Dressed in matching suits and red silk ties, the five-member troupe looks like a wedding party in search of the wedding. That in itself is funny. This feels like a complete experience. It’s a strong group.”
– Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

“Like early Kids in the Hall, these are some weird, talented dudes.”
– Ryan Hubbard, Chicago Reader

“I have to admit – these boys are dreamy. It’s something about the combo of the identical suits with pink shirts, the high energy boyish charm, and the just flat out talent. I can’t be the only one with that opinion.”
– S. Mikayla Brown,

“Rather than indulging, Blue Collar Comedy-style, in testosterone-fueled rants about beer, boobs, and baseball, Long Pork revels in jokes about their geeky boyhood obsessions… If that sounds like fun to you, you’re sure to enjoy the show as much as I did.”
– Marissa Flaxbart,