The Movie of Event of The Summer, A Cappella

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

We liked Inception and thought this was funny.

Well, most of us.
Most of us like the movie.

Charley didn’t.

Well, he did, but… you know what.
It’s not my place.


2 Responses to “The Movie of Event of The Summer, A Cappella”

  1. Charley says:

    Wait a second! I loved Inception! Thought it was one of the best movies this year! Especially when put out that cool thing about how it was Christopher Nolan’s 8 and a half. Now that is cool.

    Also, how cool was that slowed down song thing that came out?!!?! I mean seriously!

    Christopher Nolan really kept me guessing and having a good tim.

    BUT….as we get deeper and deeper into the brain….why do we have army guys at an army base fight us?!?!? This last weekend I was woken up with two…YES TWO…nightmares about Alligators attacking me. They could climb trees and they always had everyone surrounded. THAT’S A REAL DREAM. Army guys in a snow base? That sounds like the beginning of a bad horror film.

  2. Charley says:

    Oh…just incase you were wondering, the good Tim I had was a guy named Tim Young. He’s great! Chris Nolan found him for me! But now he’s gone.